我最快乐的时候 My Happiest Time

If you ask me something about my happiest time, Ill answer like this.


I dont know exactly about my happiest time, because every day Im living is the happiest time for me. I always keep a good mood. Every day Im happy at work. When Im at work, I always do my best, so my boss is satisfied with me. I get on well with my colleagues as well, since Im always willing to help them. No wonder I have so many friends. That is to say, I am happy when I am working.


Whats more, my best friends Phillip and Oscar always speak English with me. Every time, they bring me a very big surprise. They help me a lot. Thanks to their help, my oral English is getting better and better. I dont know how to appreciate them. Keeping learning makes me happy, too.



快乐时光 Fun Time

I spent a very happy Spring Festival this year, because I traveled to Yangjiang, Zhuhai and Zhongshan.


It was a very special journey for me, for it was the first time that I had traveled by plane. It was the first time that I had enjoyed myself at the seaside had seen the beautiful Macao. And, it was also the first time that I had spent the New Years Day outside.


When I was in Yangjiang, I had a great time with my brother. We climbed the mountains, visited some parks, walked around the downtown area and spent the happiest time on Hailing Island.


On February 10th, I went to Zhuhai. I was happy in Zhuhai, because my former classmate kept a good company with me. We visited so many interesting places, such as Xiangzhou Port, Gongbei Port, Shijingshan Park, Haibin Park and so on. We also traveled around Macao by ship. It was very exciting.


After my two-day trip in Zhuhai, I went to visit my behkpew.comst friend in Zhongshan. We toured around the city on the day and chatted with each other happily at night. Both of us enjoyed ourselves very much.


This was the golden time in my life, so Ill keep it in my memory forever.



做一个快乐的人 Be Happy

Can you imagine the world full of crying and shouting, under the control of power, covered with darkness? However, its not just a joke I make, It is the veritable describe of a world without happiness and laugh. So, just be happy, spread sunshine all over the world.


If compare our life to a pie, our all emotions to all sorts of stuffing, what do you want to make the most part of the pie if you control the process of making the pie of life? Obviously, the majority of people will add happiness to the pie as many as possible. Do you know why? Its just because happiness stands for sweet in most peoples mind, including me.


Dont consider it just as a comparison. It is the reflection of what you want. Happiness is a flower living in the sunshine and it is not difficult to reach for it. We have a variety of emotions like blues, anger, fear, enthusiasm, happiness and all of them would naturally appear when something affects our feelings. So, if we can change our attitudes towards things in the world, we can surely adjust our emotion in a good state. It means that we can choose to be happy if we want, as long as we can comment on everything in a positive way.


You may have ever heard about that kind of story that a patient recovering from a serious disease because of his optimism. Thats not a wonder. We can also own happiness, can feel the power of it, and the key to happiness is just in our own hands.


If we can be happy, why not choose to be? Lets try together to create a world filled up with smiling faces and sunshine.




China has often been criticized for the rampant practice of software piracy. Take a look around. We operate on pirated Windows systems, defend PC security with pirated Kaspersky anti-virus programmes, process files with pirated Microsoft Office, draft 3D designs with pirated AutoCAD, refine pictures with pirated Adobe Photoshop, and study English with pirated Kingsofts electronic dictionaries and translators. Its no exaggeration that pirated software is everywhere。

The logic behind the phenomenon is simple and clear: if a pirated copy is available for just a tiny fraction of the normal price, not to speak of many of the free downloads online, who would pay for an authentic copy? Cheaper prices aside, easy access is another important factor. With such a large gathering of pirated upgrades around, who would bother to spend time and money searching the stores for an authorized yet outdated version?

Despite these apparent benefits, the practice of software piracy should be banned, because it represents unfair competition and by nature its a no-win situation. But how? Two approaches are to be taken at the same time: Technically, software developers should enhance their antipiracy engineering, so that cracking the software should be virtually impossible. And legally, the government should also tighten its antipiracy laws and toughen up the penalties, so that violations should be costly。

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